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Santa landed a little while ago! He resides near the Studio until lift-off on the evening of December 24th. 

Hello and Welcome!

Studio 269 Designs create humorous illustrations and cartoons, 

and we even rescue little critters that get thrown from their nests or just need a little TLC. At times the 

studio has many mouths that need feeding so it can be quite crowded and noisy, 

making the balancing act between studio needs and feeds very interesting. 

Many of the rescued end up in the art work you see here. What happens is, while recuperating, the 

little rescues may escape their nests or confined areas, and wander across our art papers, 

and as you can see from the picture below and in the 'A Sample of Our Work' page, are promptly absorbed!

- Some art papers do that -

And yes, we do rescue and CPR the odd snail and swallowed Santa!

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