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About the Studio

Studio 269 Designs is situated in New Zealand on the mainland, being of course, the South Island. We produce and create cartoon characters who come out the graphite mist with a song in their hearts and dandelion flowers up their noses. Some characters even promise to stay still while you are perusing them!  Well, mostly. We work in pantone colours where required, and vectors if needed. We use RGB/CMYK for the best possible outlay of colour from calibrated computer screens to print, as the studio has a museum quality, large format printer, which helps ensure that the colour is brilliant and that the finished art flashes with a dazzling 'tink' of quality, that lasts almost forever. 

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Santa landed a little while ago! He resides near the Studio until lift-off on the evening of December 24th. 

About the Humorous Illustrator/Cartoonist

I come from a background in accounting, finance and business, but way before I knew what a pencil was drawing was the only thing I was truly passionate about. This was because the Japanese countryside I grew up in was teeming with the most amazing wildlife you have ever seen. And daily, after being out in the fields, I would race home and everything would spill out onto any paper I could find. And Japan had a lot of paper walls! Oops… And not a word…yes, I am wanted by interpol. 

All through life I studied art when and where I could, but it was after studying with a Disney and Warner Brothers animator, that spun my pencil 360º.  I raced, at a great rate of knots, from the analytical world to dive into signwriting for two years. It was a great learning curb. Since 2006 I have been working full-time illustrating and cartooning, spilling out characters with a touch of naughtiness from my studio. And they are, at times, very, very naughty…

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