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Santa landed a little while ago! He resides near the Studio until lift-off on the evening of December 24th. 


A sample of our cartooning and humorous illustrations - designed always - with a touch of naughtiness!
....and our photography, the little wildlife rescues, greeting cards and note cards will resurface in time, perhaps on a adjoining website. Thank you for your patience.


©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_LSF6 - Merino Blended with Possum - CartoonS269D_LSF6 - Merino Blended with Possum - Cartoon


©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_STR5 - Part 1 of a 2 Part DesignS269D_BBG5.jpg

Honey does so not come from bee spew it comes from pots and jars!

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_PEPA5.jpgS269D_PEPA5.jpg

We spied this organic design while cleaning up after a dog that did creative loo-loos where one shouldn't!

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_CPBL5.jpgS269D_CPBL5.jpg

After free ranging our pigs we had a few chooks missing!

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_STR5 - Part 1 of a 2 Part DesignS269D_STR5 - Part 1 of a 2 Part Design

We all need a little Christmas everyday. 

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_TLP62 Company LogoS269D_TLP62 Company Logo

There is quite an interesting story behind this design.

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_SC5S269D_SC5

Self-Contained Camper Van - Yeah Right.

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_ML5S269D_ML5

The loos we have visited - scary - Quite the epic read.

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_S5S269D_S5

The things we get caught doing, woof!

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_BBP5S269D_BBP5

Some visual tips to spot the under aged.

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_XP5S269D_XP5

Especially when reaching for the Christmas ham.

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_T5S269D_T5

Some art work done for a little boy called Theo.  Part of this art work is shown as this website's banners

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_BB5S269D_BB5

 Bugs and Bikes - I Can Tell You've Missed Me!

Pencil and Ink Pen cartoon of an old Suzuki GSXR 750

The terrible story of when you are chilling out on your motorcycle and some bug comes along and happily slips down your front (and stitches you up!) or drops a big one on your visor.

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_BM5S269D_BM5

 Pencil, Ink Pen and a Watercolour wash.

Flying without a GPS.

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_NB5S269D_NB5

The dangerous art of sniffing flowers - Frightening!

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_BBD5S269D_BBD5 - Part 2 of Design

Whilst diving straight into your big celebration, your best friend may be slightly confused about your actions until remembering the anal-ytics of what happens at bath time, and wants to return the favour!

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_RS5S269D_RS5

Renovations and dodgy plumbing!

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_UA5S269D_UA5

Pop-ups are soooooo the latest craze. This one is a tongue- in-cheek look at smartphone's waterproofing. Cannot wait for a phone to be able pass out a real pizza!

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_NSBBS5S269D_NSBBS5 - Darn, the ink will probably run!

You should always smoke behind a bike shed (it's way naughtier) at least then you'd see who was sneaking up.

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_UP5S269D_UP5

The Great Unplanned Pandemic - A great wall-piece read for those waiting patiently outside an occupied loo.

See below for a sample of the bigger picture.

©Studio 269 Designs Ltd - - S269D_UPB3S269D_UPB3
This is an enlarged sample of the above right 'Unplanned '. So much going on, and a lot of fun to produce, from pencil sketch, to pen and ink, then scanned to finish in digital rendering.

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